I had to write this note and thank you for having permanently changed my life in a most positive way. Having been a 30+ year wearer of contact lenses and most recently Toric Monovision lenses, I had the advantage of corrected near and far sightedness. In short, I had no problem wearing contact lenses. Only by chance I happened to get into a discussion about contacts with one of your patients who had worn contact lenses for 25+ years. She said that due to a medical examine a year ago, she was advised of potential corneal scarring due to long-term contact lens use. Her fears of possible permanent eye damage lead her to look into alternative means of sight correction. After a meeting with you she said she was convinced that the answer was LASIK EYE SURGERY. She said she was ecstatic with the results, and told me I should probably consider it. I had my doubts, since she indicated it was a simple and cost effective procedure with permanent long-term benefit. This was too good to be true. As you know on 5/13/99 and 6/24/99, you preformed surgeries on my eyes. Doctor, my decision to have the LASIK EYE SURGERY was one of the best decisions that I have ever made for myself in years.

- J.C.


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