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It was a good friend of mine that suggested I consider Lasik Vision Correction when I joked about not being able to find my glasses after I had taken them off. Since I am a horse trainer the conversation led to the times I had been tossed from a green horse out on the trail, lost my glasses, and had to drive home without them. I explored the idea with my optometrist and he highly recommended Dr. Foreman.

At my first appointment I was greeted by Dr. Foreman and his friendly, professional staff. They obviously knew what they were doing while using the most up to date eye care equipment. My examination was in depth and thorough. This made me feel confident and at ease. They fully prepared me for what to expect while the Lasik Vision Correction was being performed and what I’d experience during my recovery.

Since my Lasik Vision Correction not a day goes by that I don’t thank Dr. Foreman and his staff for my eyes. I know longer need glasses! My fear of loosing my glasses on the trail and being a danger on the road driving home is history. I should have had Lasik Correction years earlier.
Terryl A. Reed

Dear Dr. Foreman and Staff, I am happy to report that my vision is just what I had hoped it would be. Distance and night vision is clear and I don’t need glasses to watch T.V. or look across the room. I only use them when reading which is what I expected. Your staff arranged my appointments to fit my schedule and were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Foreman was thorough and professional.
Thank you so much, Pauline

Dr. Foreman did an excellent job performing Lasik surgery on my eyes. I had the procedure done nearly 3 ½ years ago and still see 20/20! Lasik surgery is a medical miracle for me; it’s given me the freedom to pursue a number of outdoor activities, unencumbered by glasses or contacts.
Ted Irons, M.D.

I am absolutely delighted about the results of my Lasik surgery. Dr. Foreman is the best! I have recommended Dr. Foreman to many of my friends and family since I had the procedure last year. It’s great to be able to participate in outdoor sports and work on our cattle ranch without the worry of contacts or glasses! Thank you Dr. Foreman and your great staff!
Pam McCormack

Dr. Foreman is thorough and gave me great care. Follow up has been superb.
Joseph Cerny, M.D.

For me the phrase “seeing is believing” has a whole new meaning when it comes to seeing with ReStor and ReZoom multifocal lenses. What you experience with these lenses may be different than what I experienced as I first had one eye corrected with a ReStor lens then the other corrected with a ReZoom lens seven months later. This letter is about what I am experiencing now after everything has settled down and life is back to normal. After all we are all different and we do not react to the same things in exactly the same way.

Before the surgery, I knew things were getting bad when I got lost in the Atlanta airport because I could not see the signs clearly directing me to the departure gates. I almost went to Savannah GA instead of Sacramento CA. Now I travel and don’t even give it a thought. All of the needed information is readily available and I can read it easily with sometimes only a passing glance. Just the way it was when I was younger and took good eyesight for granted.

My vision is seamless. Not like the bifocal days. I can look at my watch then look up to find a sign for the next off ramp and read the gauges on the dashboard and not even notice any transition. It is all perfectly normal.

I can read normal text, like newspapers and books. It is possible to put the book too close but normally with proper light and standard reading distance I can read without paying much attention to placement. As usual good lighting makes a difference. Small text like that on some medicine instructions, and some very light print are difficult to read but not impossible.

My night vision improved also. I am more aware of people walking along the road now. It is not that I did not see them before. I am sure I am seeing them earlier. I never drive looking directly into car headlights but as a test I tried it and I only see headlights, no halo’s.

My vision seems to have become broader. I notice more things at the sides, almost like a wide screen at the theater. The view looks a lot newer, more bold, and sharp. The way it used to looked, I just had probably gotten used to it being fuzzy.

The color correction is the first and most obvious thing I noticed. All of the colors were so bold and bright at first. Now I am used to the change. It is still very nice. I SCUBA dive and having good color vision make it even more enjoyable. After all that is why I dive, to “see” things.

The operation is easy, no pain, not even discomfort. Admittedly, I was scared the first time. I had previously had both hips replaced and yet I was more scared of the first eye surgery than the hip operations. The actual surgery takes about 20 minutes. You will spend most of your time getting prepared for the surgery and in recovery.

My last eye test showed that I was close to 20/20 in distance. One eye a little beyond 20/20 and the other a little less than 20/20, Not enough to worry about.. Reading vision was 20/20 left and about 20/25 right. I bought some 150 power reading glasses just in case I wanted to read some small print like on a map in dim light. It has been two months, I have not needed them yet..

I hope this helps you to see things my way.
NFK 11/22/06

I am 83 ½ years old. These new Lens Intraocular implants of mine are tri-focal lenses. I feel younger and do not need glasses all day. My vision is utterly remarkable. I wore glasses for 50 years! The atmosphere in the pre-surgery was assuring and relaxing. Spirits were high and in no time I was rolled into the surgery. I opted for mild sedation and felt no pain. Your eyes cannot be replaced. I trust Dr. Daniel Foreman’s medical and surgical skills and his very vast knowledge of vision problems.

I have the ReStor lens in both of my eyes. The difference it has made in my vision is remarkable. I no longer need to wear glasses to read and my distance vision is perfectly clear. Dr. Foreman is very professional and thorough while being personally concerned about your vision correctness. He made effort to see that my vision was as normal as possible. The office staff is always available for questions and ready to help in any way they can. When you leave the office they say “don’t hesitate to call” and they mean it. I would recommend Dr. Foreman and the restore lens to anyone considering “cataract surgery” and lens implant.

I had to write this note and thank you for having permanently changed my life in a most positive way. Having been a 30+ year wearer of contact lenses and most recently Toric Monovision lenses, I had the advantage of corrected near and far sightedness. In short, I had no problem wearing contact lenses. Only by chance I happened to get into a discussion about contacts with one of your patients who had worn contact lenses for 25+ years. She said that due to a medical examine a year ago, she was advised of potential corneal scarring due to long-term contact lens use. Her fears of possible permanent eye damage lead her to look into alternative means of sight correction. After a meeting with you she said she was convinced that the answer was LASIK EYE SURGERY. She said she was ecstatic with the results, and told me I should probably consider it. I had my doubts, since she indicated it was a simple and cost effective procedure with permanent long-term benefit. This was too good to be true. As you know on 5/13/99 and 6/24/99, you preformed surgeries on my eyes. Doctor, my decision to have the LASIK EYE SURGERY was one of the best decisions that I have ever made for myself in years.

First, I want to thank you for the caring and personal manner in which you handled the overall procedure. Your ability to discuss the procedure and potential results in simple terms made the decision easy to make. Your concern for the very best surgery results was quite apparent and validated by your meticulous attention to detailed calculations. You’re innovative and creative thinking relative to my personalized correction, not only gave me near perfect sight at a distance, it gave me the ability to read without eyeglasses.

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